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The Day Out of Time
Fourth Annual Green Day - PeaceThrough Culture Festival
by Jose Arguelles, Ph.D.

Can you envision a new time, a genuinely new time that is no longer calibrated by the familiar jingle, "Thirty days hath September, April, June and November, all the rest have 31 except February which has 28, unless it's leap year ... ?" Oh my! And didn't you ever wonder why it had to be that complicated? Well, a new time is being envisioned, and it all starts on Green Day in Pioneer Square. On the old time calendar, that's the Gregorian, named after Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1582), that's July 25. But Green Day on the new calendar of Thirteen Moons is the Day Out of Time.

"When will we know/ When will we know to hear the rhythm inside sings the popular Japanese group, Love Notes in their song entitled "The Day Out of Time." The song continues "... Let beauty reveal / Season of change is upon us / Let Earth reveal her layers of time / Expand your consciousness into time ... The coming we've been awaiting / Is the coming of consciousness..." This song, premiered at last year's Day out of Time concert in Tokyo, reflects in simple words the profound meaning that lies behind Green Day. "Our civilization is filled with lies, deceits, manipulations / We let it happen / When we gave into this economy of "death" / When we ignore the practices that harm others / Then we uphold the act of harm ... Time isn't Money / Time can heal The philosophy behind Green Day, the Day Out of Time, is a radical revisioning of our world, that begins with taking back our time - by changing the calendar.

The Day Out of Time has been celebrated since 1992, as part of a growing populist world movement, the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, whose purpose is just that - to change the calendar. July 25, the Gregorian Calendar date of the Day Out of Time, is the 365th day of the year of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. This harmonic timing standard measures the year in thirteen even months of 28 days each, a perpetual calendar of 52 perfect weeks, making a total of 364 days. The 365th day, the Day Out of Time' is no day of the week or month at all, but truly a Day Out of Time. For this reason, this special day is observed as the day to cancel debts, to pardon and forgive, and to celebrate life through art and culture - hence, Peace Through Culture Festival.

The idea of Peace Through Culture originated with the Russian artist and diplomat Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), who's Banner of Peace was the cornerstone of the famous Roerich Peace Pact, April 15, 1935. This Banner, originally intended to be flown over cultural monuments during times of war, has been resurrected by the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, which recognizes it as an instrument of supreme value in expressing the aspiration of living in harmony with all beings in natural time - and for the protection of the biosphere itself.

"Artists with the spirit of the festival in their hearts will create a rich atmosphere through their thoughts and art. People's spiritual levels will be elevated through art. In that atmosphere, people will be emancipated from third-dimensional time. Let such a moment come upon the Day Out of Time, that the spirit all over the village will be raised and released from time. I want to embrace the earth with this Festival." These are the words of Hirohide Yanase, head of the Entertainment Division of Japan's prestigious Dentsu Corporation, and the chief promoter of the Day of Time worldwide. About this year's Day Out of Time, Yanase says: "on July 25, 2000, let's make the festival - the sun, the Earth and the human spirits - to correspond, which is to multiply like living cells."

"Reclaim the natural rhythm!" Last year on July 25, in Japan alone more than 100 Day Out of Time Festivals were celebrated. In Brazil, more than 80 cities have now adopted July 25 as the day to fly the Banner of Peace and to observe the Day Out of Time. This will be the Fourth Annual Green Day (for the green Earth) - Day Out of Time Festival to be celebrated in Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown Portland. Amid the artistic celebrations, Banners of Peace will be presented to Portland Mayor, Vera Katz, and Chief of Police, Mark Kroeker. Special observations worldwide in celebration of the Rainbow Bridge Around the Earth will mark this Day out of Time as the most colorful and widespread of all. A request has been presented to the United Nations to observe July 25 as an annual Planetary Peace Through Culture Festival in honor of the fact that this year, as well as the entire decade, has been designated as the year and decade of a Culture of Peace.

How did all of this come about? Late 1989, my wife and I made the discovery of the timing frequencies while visiting the Museum of Time in Geneva. We had already embarked on an experiment to live solely by the cycles of the harmonious Mayan Calendar. From that moment we knew that only by adopting the biologically correct and harmoniously even 13-month 28-day calendar, could the human species correct its course from operating on the errant artificial and mechanistic 12:60 timing frequency (12:60 = irregular and illogical 12-month Gregorian Calendar combined with the 60-minute mechanical hour).

The Thirteen Moon Calendar, prophetically prescribed for this time on behalf of the biosphere, was originally known by the Maya as the Tun Uc, the "moon count" or "count of seven." The correlation date on the Gregorian Calendar, July 26, is also derived from the prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priests. This date on the Julian Calendar was July 16, and was first correlated with the heliacal rising of Sirius at 19.5 latitude north in the Mayan temple site of Edzna in AD 692. This also corresponds to the dedication date of the tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, whose prophecy, Telektonon, espouses the return to natural time through following the Thirteen Moon Calendar.

What's ticking on your clock isn't time at all! The Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Movement evolved from our efforts worldwide over the past ten years. Since the beginning of our discovery of the timing frequencies we have found out much more about the nature of time, hence the discovery of the Law of Time. Albert Einstein said, "Time is the fourth dimension." But he really stopped at that. The Law of Time finishes what Einstein only suggested, and presents a complete description of time as the fourth dimension. Much of our research was also inspired by studying the work of the Russian scientist, Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945), who almost single-handedly defined all that we know about the biosphere. The Law of Time supplies the answer raised by Vernadsky concerning the nature of time in the biosphere and the inadequacy of the geometry and measurements of third-dimensional space to describe the actual nature of time.

Over the last ten years we have produced a large body of literature, as well as working tools for operating with time as the fourth dimension. Because of the dedicated efforts of the PAN (Planet Art Network) chapter of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement here in Portland, especially with their annual Green Day celebrations in Pioneer Square, we decided that Portland was THE place to ground this burgeoning world movement. For this purpose we are now in the process of establishing the Foundation for the Law of Time, a non-profit public interest educational organization to be registered in the state of Oregon, for the promotion of the Calendar Change and the new science of time.

We are now completing what is called the Seventh Year of Prophecy. Following the Day Out of Time, will be July 26, Galactic New Year's Day, the first day of the year Blue Galactic Storm, the first year of the "Thirteen Years of the Second Creation." That's why we say: "Come to Pioneer Square on Green Day! Smile on your sister and brother! All aboard Timeship Earth 2013!"

For more information contact:

PAN Portland
618 NW Flanders Street
Tel: 503 219 9928
Fax: 503 219 9927

Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan), author of the international bestseller, The Mayan Factor, and originator of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence World Peace Meditation, along with his wife and partner, Lloydine (Bolon Ik), is the Coordinator of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.