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Swallowing the Avocado of EnlightenmentI found Steve Whiteman's simple, practical approach very useful. We all know how much has been written to make religious belief and spiritual experiences overly complex and incomprehensible. Above this mountain of human effort, someone has finally presented a very simple and unifying concept.

Steve Whiteman starts the book in the middle of life, as does the human experience itself. He then unfolds the simple truths of walking the spiritual path and simultaneously living in the natural world, just as it is. Even the design of the information flows like life itself, from the middle. Swallowing the Avocado of Enlightenment  illustrates beautifully how we are born into an already existing experience and given clues along the way to know where we are on the path. this simple picture of being fully human and living life as it is intended is the clearest view I have seen in over 50 years of metaphysical studies. This book is a 'must read' for the novice, beginner and those experienced on their spiritual path.

- John Paul Poling

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