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by Ana Carol Kaleolani Roland

Astrology is a tool to help each person awaken to their true nature and live each moment consciously. StarPaths provides information of the changing patterns of enegy affecting each Sign. It is updated each month.

Welcome to StarPaths.

This column focuses on the human maturation lessons presented each month as seen in the patterns of major transits in our heavens.

Biologist now believe that our DNA is constantly being programed by the energy tensions in our environments. One of these programming energies comes from the planetary patterns.

Early astrology focused on the visible changes of the Moon Cycles. Specific behaviors in humans, animals, large bodies of water could be observed during each of the Moon phases. Over time the same developmental cycle of patterns could also be seen in the Earth-Sun cycle.

Archetypal traits associated with each time period were observed and recorded by these ancient astronomer/astrologers. These periods of time were named by the ancients and applied to constellation of stars seen in the night skies at that time. Differences in behaviors can now be understood as relating to the varied tensions which create the elliptical path of the Earth as it circles the Sun and moves between the Sun and the Galactic Center.

StarPaths is the Monthly Astrology Column

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June and Geminii

Late May and most of June are the developmental step energy associated with the human toddler. This is the stage of life when one begins to gain a bit of independence due to increase physical agility and ability to walk. It is also the stage of learning language through parroting the sounds heard in association with people, items, pictures and actions.

Ability to repeat what is heard with su